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My Sisters Toreishi by Patrick "Seion" Stewart.
What would happen if the mother of the Toreishi Sisters met and
married the father of Tenchi Masaki? A Hummingbird/Tenchi Muyo Crossover.
Chapter 1 "No Need for Toreishi Sisters, But I'm Getting Them Anyway"
Chapter 2 "You Two Are Gonna WHAT?!!"
Chapter 3 "Can You Keep a Secret?"
Chapter 4 "Conventional Warfare"


Game Night by Patrick "Seion" Stewart
Tenchi has survived Space Pirates, Ruins Busters, Doppleganger Assassins, and even a love triangle, but can he survive SKATHA THE RED?
Session 1 "Hitting the Campaign Trail"
Session 2 "Zen the Player Character Art of Giant Felling"