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Marrige Prospect for
Kanna Toreishi

Looks: Approximately 5'6". Long (we're talking butt-lenghth long, boys) silky black hair, usually worn loose or in a single unbraided ponytail. As for her body, it's slim where needed, well-endowed in the parts the boys are most likely to look. And wardrobe? She tops her already classic beauty with a wardrobe full of clothes dressed to kill (in the figurtive sense). Then again, Kanna would look stunning in a potato sack.

Smarts: Well above average. Kanna is a shrewd negotiator who can get what she wants while making the other side think that they came out on top. She also seems to be a fairly good tactician when it comes to ariel combat.

Personality: Kind, caring, and nurturing... and deadly serious when it comes to negotionating. If you are on the other side of the bargining table from her, expect to see this side of her personality. If you on her side, then you can expect an enthusiastic cheerleader full of team spirit (though not Gung Ho spirit like her sister Yayoi)

Home Economics: Roughly on par with Kasumi Tendo, except Kanna doesn't have to cook for one father, three unwed daughters, three freeloaders with bottomless pits for stomachs, and various assorted guest. No... Kanna only has to cook for one mother, three too-young-for-marrying sisters, and one sister with a bottomless pit.

Combat Skills: When it comes to air-to-air combat, then Kanna is way above average. But as for hand-to-hand, well, I'm not sure she's be able to put up much of a fight

Special Abilities: Other than her phenomenal singing voice, none, really.

Competition: Her sisters, Ijuin, maybe Kudo. Her sisters are a problem in the sense that she's basically the one who takes care of them. There's alot of chemistry between Kanna and Ijuin, but probably not enough to keep her from becoming interested in another man, but then again, they make such a cute couple. I say Kudo only because he's probably the only one whose fasion sense wouldn't be overpowered by Kanna's.

Inlaws: Hazuki is her mother, so you'd have to get into her good graces first, but she'll welcome you if her daughter and you REALLY hit it off. Satsuki and Uzuki probably won't get in the way of your happiness. As for Mina, be prepared for alot of smart-ass remarks
and her tendancy to let people in on stuff you don't want them to know. Then there's Yayoi. If you EVER break Kanna's heart, be assured that Yayoi will have more than just words with you. She isn't afraid to hit her little sister for insulting her, so don't expect for her to blow you off after breaking any one of her sisters' hearts.(Does the phrase "Pissed-off, Bat wielding Amazon" scare you as much as it scares me?). Also, there's Kato, a friend of the family. If Yayoi doesn't get to you, expect Kato to.
Children: You probably aren't gonna find many women who'll make as good a mother as Kanna. She's already had experience while helping her mother to raise the rest of the family. Expect well-fed, well cared for, and well groomed daughters. DO NOT expect any boys. It doesn't seem to be in the Toreishi genitic code. ^u^

Finances: Being a member of the singing group Hummingbird, and knowing her business accumen, Kanna probably has quite a nice nest egg saved up. Plus she has the ability and looks to make quite a bit of money as a singer, an actress, a talk show host, or a resterauntuer. But bear in mind that she'll expect YOU to help her in her chosen career (probably as a personal assistant or the like). Just remember: SHE'S the one in charge.

Sex: This one is rather a mystery. Although she has all of the physical gifts to be great at this, I'm not sure she has the experience necessary to use them to their fullest potential. This will change after a while, though. On the other hand, if she DOES know what she's doing, be prepared to negotiate for terms. In other words, she's gonna make demands of you for intercourse. Expect alot of holding and talking afterwards.

Overall: What more can you ask of a woman? If you EVER turn this lady away, then you're more screwed in the head than Tenchi.