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The following film clips feature a few scenes for Hummingbird.

Setsunai Omoi Concert
(Being the concert after their first battle)
Starring Satsuki, Kanna, Yayoi, Uzuki, Mina, and their adoring fans

Yayoi Gets Interrupted
(Being the time Yayoi gets a scramble order just before a swim meet)
Starring Yayoi, Satsuki, Uzuki, Mina, and Kanna... and the USS Enterprise, CVN-65.

Love Letters
(Being the time Satsuki gets a mysterious letter)
Starring Uzuki, Marimo-chan, Satsuki, Kanna, Mina, and Yayoi

Another Slice of Toreishi Family Life
(Being the time the Toreishi women discuss boys while playing Old Maid)
Starring Hazuki, Mina, Kanna, Uzuki, Yayoi, Satsuki, and Reiko and Hitomi's silhoettes

(Being the intro to the first episode of Hummingbird)

A Slice of Toreishi Family Life
(Being the time Mina gets on Yayoi's bad side)
Starring Uzuki, Yayoi, Kanna, Mina, Satsuki, and Marimo-chan

An Idol Group is Born
(Being the time when the Sisters first meet Mr. Kudo)
Starring Hazuki, Kanna, Yayoi, Satsuki, Uzuki, Mina, Ijuin, Kudo, and a choreographer

The Usual Hard Time
(Being the time Yajima decides to screw with the competition)
Starring Yajima, Yayoi, Kanna, Satsuki, Uzuki, Mina, Ijuin, and Yajima's slimey lawyer

The First (Proper) Battle
(Being the time the competition screws over Yajima)
Starring Satsuki, Yayoi, Kakkun & SNAP, an announcer, and two SNAP Fangirls

The Meteoric Rise to Idoldom/Yayoi and Satsuki
(Being the time Yayoi and Satsuki talk about Papa)
Starring Satsuki and Yayoi

An Idol's Wake-Up Call!
(Being the time someone tries to upskirt Yayoi)
Starring Satsuki, Yayoi, a reporter, and a hentai cameraman

The Fastest Record Deal Ever Made
(Being the time Hazuki and Kudo negotiate a deal)
Starring Hazuki and Kudo

And Now For Some Gratuitous Fan Service...
(Being the time when Kanna, Yayoi, and Satsuki show off their... charms... no nudity)
Starring Kanna, Yayoi, Satsuki, Uzuki, and Mina