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Marrige Prospect for
Satsuki Toreishi

Looks: Of all the Toreishi sisters, Satsuki is probably the most typically Japanese. Standing at a height of 5' 3", she has short, raven-black hair, typically decorated with two tone headband ribbons. Physically, she is not very well endowed, and she feels quite uncomfortable about this. If any of the Toreishi sisters were to volunteer for cosmetic surgery, it would more than likely be Satsuki.

Smarts: Above average. Satsuki does posess a great deal of intelligence, but is too shy and self-conscious to let it out.

Personality: Satsuki is extraordinarily self-conscious, and often comes across as desperately seeking approval for her actions. Unjustly self-depreciative, comments about her figure or her flying play straight into her neurosis. As before stated, she is quite uncomfortable about the way she looks, and covets the looks of her sister Uzuki and/or her rivals, the Fever Girls. She also has a tendency to take things meant in jest entirely the wrong way. Beneath all of this, she's something of a daddy's girl - she cherishes her father dearly, and cites him as a role model. Those who know her, use this as a carrot to inspire Satsuki to feats of incredible courage - if however temporarily.

Home Economics: Unknown.

Combat Skills: A near unparalleled fighter pilot, equal to (or superior to) her sisters, and on a par with Goro Kato, a family friend and her father's best pupil. Again, her skill is often tainted by her lack of confidence and the fact that she is sometimes easily spooked.

Special Abilities: She can sing, dance, and play volleyball. She can also teleport and generate energy blasts. Take a wild guess as to what's true.

Competition: Kato. Satsuki seems to care a lot for Kato, and perhaps this is part of her jealousy toward the Fever Girls. This could either be true love, hero worship, or a crush... or maybe she just wants to talk to him. Either way, Satsuki cares a lot for him, as he does her... when his boss isn't looking.

Inlaws: Of all the Toreishi sisters, Satsuki is the one most likely to take notice of what her inlaws say. Mina and Uzuki are destined to make quips and wisecracks about your relationship, intentionally or otherwise, and Satsuki is likely to take them seriously. She'll likely seek the solstice and Voice of Reason of her mother Hazuki, and her elder sisters Kanna and Yayoi. These three will help her and you in any way they can with your relationship, so long as they can see a future in it. If, however, you screw up and hurt Satsuki, pray that you die before you encounter Yayoi. She'll rip you apart and FedEx you back to mama.
Children: Expect your children to be brought up well by Satsuki. She has a very good moral compass, and will instill this in your kids. Just be warned, if anyone's prone to post-natal depression, it's Satsuki.

Finances: Because of her ties with the Toreishi family, and her career in the Hummingbird group, Satsuki is likely to have a tidy sum from her inheritances and earnings. If, Tsunami forbid, the group should split, she is probably one of the members most likely to embark on a successful solo singing career. When she retires, expect to retire to an abandoned airfield and build up a collection of planes so she can continue to fly.

Sex: Proceed with caution. Satsuki is most unlikely to want to jump straight in the sack with you. She needs to be wooed, to feel special. Afterwards, she'll need the same treatment, or she's likely to feel used... in which case you will incur the Wrath of Yayoi.

Overall: Satsuki is strength married to vulnerability; confidence hidden beneath self-uncertainty. If you succeed in making her feel special, to bring her out of her shell, you'll be a hero in her family's eyes, and Adonis in hers. Be warned, there are times when she'll feel low; you'll have to ride them out with her. If you're up to the challenge, you will be that special someone she's looking for, and kudos to you.