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Totally Uzuki!

Uzuki is the Hummingbird who wants to be a Fever Girl. Blessed with a well-endowed figure, and not afraid to torture the others about it, she's confident she'll grow up to look like one of the Fever Girls ("Wait a few years, and I'll be as well-shaped as them!"). Her one true love is her Marimo-chan, several balls of seaweed in a tank in her room, which she dotes on. She's also quite the fan of the F-4. ("I love this model. It's my all-time favourite versatile air combat machine." Well, I did warn you the subtitling wasn't up to much.)
She flies a combination tanker-bomber that's somewhere between Thunderbird 2 and the B-2 in design. Hummingbird 4 also carries Mina's gunship.
Reasons to Marry Uzuki