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Marrige Prospect for
Uzuki Toreishi

Looks: About 4' 11"-5', with shoulder-length brown hair. Her looks are those of the frilly younger teenager meets girl-next-door... that is, if your girl-next-door was drop dead kawaii. She is also quite an early bloomer; even at the age of 15-16, she's quite voluptuous. And if she's STILL developing, expect her to become drop-dead gorgeous by the time she hits 19.

Smarts: Deceptively average. Sometimes, Uzuki is rather slow on the uptake; however, she can deliver an incisive critique which can bowl over her sister Satsuki at a moment's notice. She is somewhat immature, but that's to be expected, and it might change as time goes by.

Personality: Think Misaki. Uzuki has one hell of a cute complex... it's just that what she finds cute isn't exactly what you or I might consider cute. She likes marimo, a peculiar spherical seaweed, and dotes upon a colony of it in an aquarium in her room.

Home Economics: In all actuality, no one's ever seen Uzuki cook, so I couldn't say.

Combat Skills: As far as hand-to-hand goes, unless she's taken aboard some standard military training, Uzuki probably wouldn't fare well. As a pilot, however, she excels. As a fighter pilot, she typically works in tandem with her sister Mina, and knows her way around most of the JASDF inventory, with particular preference to the F-4. But her forte is with large aircraft, as her handling of her custom bomber/tanker/transport craft, Hummingbird 4, reveals.

Special Abilities: Um, er, she can sing! ;^_^ Really, she can - Uzuki is chosen as the principal soloist of the Hummingbirds, and I believe she is picked to sing the theme songs solo - though without a better-quality sound release, I can't verify that.

Competition: Just one - marimo. Uzuki is a devoted mother to her quaint little seaweed aquarium, and she dotes over it as one would dote over a dog or cat. Not precisely competition in the strictest sense, but most definitely a case of 'love me, love my seaweed'.

Inlaws: Hazuki is her mother, so you'd have to get into her good graces first, but she'll welcome you if her daughter and you REALLY hit it off. Satsuki won't get in the way of your happiness, though she just might be a little jealous. Kanna will prabably your best source of information on how to make Uzuki happy. Mina, on the other hand, is about as secure as an

unencrypted internet transfer. Do not trust anything you hold sacred to her... unless she really likes you, then she might be nice. Then there's Yayoi. If you EVER break Uzuki's heart, be assured that Yayoi will have more than just words with you. She isn't afraid to hit her little sister for insulting her, so don't expect for her to blow you off after breaking any one of her sisters' hearts.(Does the phrase "Pissed-off, Bat wielding Amazon" scare you as much as it scares me?). Also, there's Kato, a friend of the family. If Yayoi doesn't get to you, expect Kato to.
Children: Whatever children you have, expect Uzuki to hug them, squeeze them, call them George, and ruffle their cute little hair... This is the girl that dotes on seaweed. SEAWEED, kids! If seaweed gets that kind of attention, your kids'll be spoilt.

Finances: Uzuki has two primary sources of income - her presence in the lucrative Toreishi family, and her career as a part of the Hummingbird group. This alone secures a tidy little nest-egg. When she comes of age, she could quite conceivably become a kyonyu (big breast) or swimsuit model... perhaps both. This could increase her financial clout considerably.

Sex: Unknown. Uzuki is a sex-goddess in the making, but she has to mature in this respect. Though she is as kawaii as hell, she probably has a good sense of propriety. She'll probably wait until after a couple of dates before even considering this.

Overall: Uzuki is most definitely a cake in the oven. Let her bake for a little while longer, and you will have the sweetest girl on the planet.