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Yayoi Toreishi's Section
Hoo boy... Yayoi is the most gung-ho of the sisters. Flies by the seat of her pants; will get into any dogfight. She has a HUGE competitive streak - she goes virtually apeshit when she is unable to take part in a swim meet, and does not even take quarter against her own sisters. Ever-so-slightly short-tempered and violent (hits Mina on two occasions; threatens to blow Kato out of the skies at first meeting). She has no romantic interest in ep 1; I can only assume this is true of episode 2. She was initially quite reluctant to become an idol.
Yayoi's fighter is a heavy multirole craft with more apparent VTOL systems, which it uses to deploy from its base.

Yayoi's Seiyuu is my favorite voice actress, Yuri Amano, who has played such diverse rolls as Ifurita, Yuriko Starr, Kiyone, and many others.

Why Would You Wanna Marry Yayoi?