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Why Would you wanna Marry Yayoi?

Looks: If it weren't for her fasion sense (or lack thereof), Yayoi's looks would be considered rather least they would in Japan. Yayoi stands arounb 5'8", maybe 5'9, with a hardbodied atheletic frame. Over this body is well-tanned skin. She has round, dark grey eyes and her hair is a nice shade of auburn. These looks are in a stark contrast to her sisters' and mother's traits, which leads me to believe she gets her looks from her father's side of the family.

Smarts: While fairly intellegent, Yayoi has a very low amount of common sense. She also tends to not think things though. This tends to cause some problems. She's not a moron, though, and she knows an insult when she hears one, no matter how well vieled it is.

Personality: Bold, hot-headed, billigerant, easily provoked and likely to act on her emotions rather than her logic. But at the same time, her tomboyish nature also gives her a bit of insight to why men do certain things, so is more likely to understand you when you do something stupid.....probably because she's already done it herself. This doesn't mean she's not feminine nor is she a lesbian. In fact, she honestly believes "girls like her are fasionable these days." and laments about how she hasn't any boyfriends (something that actually brought a tear to her eye) She also tends to go overboard with her emotions.

Home Economics: Either get her to learn how to cook or learn to do it your damn self. Better get Kanna to help out until one of you does learn.

Combate Skills: This is one area Yayoi excels in. She is at least a black belt (and probably better than that), most likely in karate or Tai Kwan Do. She can easily handle herself in a fight with most people, and even put up a good fight with most anime martial artist (She can't take on anybody the likes of Goku or Kenshiro, but she'd give Ranma a good long as he doesn't pull some new, lame-ass move out of his ass. In FACT, she'd kick Ranma's ass. He doesn't fight girls, remember?) Yayoi's also a great combat pilot, but she tends to fly by the seat of her pants rather than relying on any real tactics.

Special Abilities: Yayoi is a great (and over-achieving) athlete. Among her talents include swimming and volleyball.

Competition: Her family. Kato. Her family mainly due to their singing career. I say Kato because there's alot of sexual tension between the two. You know the drill. The more they act like they hate each other, the more in love they actually are. Unless it's not an act and Yayoi REALLY doesn't like him. By the way, YAYOI'S NOT A LESBIAN!!!!!
Inlaws: Here's a catagory where Yayoi's much better off than her sisters.......mainly because she isn't one of her own in-laws. But you still might have to deal with Mina's constant stream of making fun of Yayoi, but as long as you gag the little tyke, she shouldn't be much of a problem.

Children: Well, your kids will have alot of fun if Yayoi's the mother. You will have to be the "Bad" know, the responsible one. But then again, what good is childhood if you can't have fun? Besides, your kids are gonna have the coolest mom in the neighborhood. Just don't be suprised if Yayoi let's you kids eat Twinkies and Slim Jims for lunch.
Finances: With all her skills, talent, and fame, Yayoi'd make a great action film star should her music career end. Hey, if she makes it big, you won't have to worry about the cooking. ^u^

Sex: Well, she is a girl who likes to be in control, so be ready for leather, whips, and chains. If she's not into S&M, then it might be like the way she flies- She'll grab ahold of the joystick and take what she's given. Either way, with her athletic abilities and her well-toned body, you know it'll be rather intense.

Overall: If you like the athleletic, boisterous, domaneering in bed type, then Yayoi's your girl. Otherwise, look for a different Toreishi Sister. They're much nicer girls.